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Jun 21st
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It’s been a manic couple of months, July being our busiest July on record! We’ve been non stop jumping as we have been blessed with the beautiful summer weather. 

Well what have we been up to? We have had Mark Lord’s Beginner to big way event which has been perfect for our newly qualified FS1 graduates. We also welcomed Les who was here in July for his 10 way FS event, some great progression and some fab shots taken by Dave Mellor. 

We also welcomed Phil Webley to Black Knights who hosted the Flight 1 course, was great to see everyones progression. Phil will be back again in September, for those interested please visit the black knights club Facebook page for more info regarding this. 

Also big thanks to Pete Hutchinson for his freefly load organising in June, and big thanks to Dan Mills for organising. Hopefully Pete will be back soon if the weather plays ball. 


The AFF students have been making the most of the good weather and have been smashing out their levels. Congratulations to Mohammed, Jess, Lolly, Warren, Mike S, Mike W, Gary and Peter on gaining their A Licence. Apologies if anyone has been missed. 

Our bar has also now had a slight makeover, all thanks to Natalie and Chloe. Thank you for taking time to redecorate, it’s very much appreciated and I’m sure it will be enjoyed. Also a big thank to Natalie for arranging the club curry night and for Steve for preparing it for us, it was absolutely delicious and can’t wait for the next one!

Well done to the those shown below on their recent skydiving achievements. 


Elliot Mitchell – Accelerated Freefall, 4000 jumps

James Allen – FF1 

Dave Bloomfield – 2300 jumps

Mark Lord – 1100 jumps and 18 hours freefall

Andy Cousins – 400 jumps

Mick Doherty – 16 hours freefall

Phil Murray – 9 hours freefall

Jenny Wren –  FS1

Charlotte Taylor – FS1 

Martin Jensen – 600 jumps

Neil Slater – FF1

Dave Mellor – 10 Hours freefall, 600 jumps

Pete Foster – 400 jumps

Natalie Henry – 200 jumps

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Had an amazing tandem dive with Nick. Top instructor and the whole team made the day absolutely unbelievable! Can’t wait to come back!

Jon Taylor

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