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Skydiving Consent Forms

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Consent Forms

Tandem Skydiving Consent Forms

Customer Notice: From April 2016 two British Skydiving Tandem Student Parachutist medical form 115 A & B have now replaced the previous form 115 BS medical form. The form 115A is for those Tandem Parachutist who are able to self declare; Form 115B Student Tandem Parachutist Request For Medical Advice is for those Tandem Parachutist who do not meet the requirements on Form 115A.

The requirement to have the Form 115 completed by your Doctor if aged 40+ has now been removed.

Medical for those aged 70+

If on the day of the skydive you are aged 70 or over, you MUST have the form 115b completed and signed by a doctor regardless of health status. If you cannot attain a signed 115b from your doctor, please see link below for Just Health, who provide medical services for tandem skydiving.


Essential forms you MUST fill out and bring with you on the day:

115a - Tandem Declaration Form115b - Tandem Medical Form

Consent Forms

Accelerated Free Fall Consent Forms

Essential forms you MUST fill out and bring with you on the day:

115c - Solo Declaration Form115d - Solo Medical Form

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Had an amazing tandem dive with Nick. Top instructor and the whole team made the day absolutely unbelievable! Can’t wait to come back!

Jon Taylor

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