Looking for Skydiving near Liverpool?

Parachute Jumps – Skydiving Courses & Charity Skydives near Liverpool

Black Knights Parachute Centre is the place to come!

If you are based in Liverpool and are looking for a skydiving centre to do a skydiving jump or a skydiving course then Black Knights Parachute Centre is the place to come!

Black Knights Parachute Centre near Liverpool is only an hour north of the city centre and it’s perfect if you are part of a group who would like to do a skydiving course, a one-off parachute jump or a jump in aid of charity.

Skydiving is our passion and we offer flights every day of the week and provide both accelerated freefall parachute jumps and static line parachute jumps all the year round.

Our talented tandem instructors are all British Parachute Association-accredited and trained so you know you’ll be in safe hands with us if you are looking for a tandem skydive near Liverpool.

We have our star of the show “Blackhawk” a Cessna caravan aeroplane which goes up to 15,000 feet which means that we offer the highest skydive available today in the UK which means you’ll be getting a serious thrill when you jump with Black Knights Parachute Centre!

You can book online easily and quickly through our website and if your friends and family are coming to watch from Liverpool, skydiving has never been so easy to see thanks to our friendly café serving delicious goodies all day including our famous Jumpers’ Breakfast. See the menu here.

Not only that but we’ve got you covered if you want to get your skydive filmed or photographed so that you can look back on the adventure. We offer both film and photography packages to our jumpers so if you and your mates are coming from Liverpool skydiving, you can capture the moment you jump out of that plane forever! Check out some of our previous moments captured in our gallery.

If you are doing a charity skydive, Liverpool based people will be pleased to see that we support a number of high profile regional charities so you can do it in aid of a great charity that’s near to you. You can do a charity skydive as a group or if you fancy charity skydiving on your own, that’s fine too.

If you are interested in a more in-depth skydiving course, Liverpool types will find it easy to reach us in just over and hour so you can sign up to come regularly and train how to become a free fall jumper by doing a RAPS 6 Jump Course at our convenient location just north of Blackpool and South of Lancaster, off the M6.

To find us you can type our postcode ‘LA2 0DY’ into your Sat Nav and you’ll be with us in no time. Or use the AA’s route planner over here.