Skydiving Courses

There are various courses available here at Black Knights Parachute Centre. Please click the links below for more details of each course.

Skydiving Prerequisites

The maximum allowable weight for any course is 13 stone for females and 15 stone for males, body mass index will also be taken into account. The minimum age for parachuting is 16, applicants under 18 must have written parental / guardian consent. Applicants aged 40 and over should request a British Skydiving Medical Certificate for completion by their doctor before their course. Those aged above 55 years are discouraged from taking the AFF course and require individual approval from the British Skydiving Safety and Training Committee and our club’s chief instructor, Tandem Skydiving is often a better choice for those above 55 years old. Please contact us for further details if any jumpers are aged under 18 or over 39 years.

Customer Notice: From April 2016 two BS Tandem Student Parachutist medical form 115 A & B have now replaced the previous form 115 BS medical form. The form 115A is for those Tandem Parachutist who are able to self declare; Form 115B Student Tandem Parachutist Request For Medical Advice is for those Tandem Parachutist who do not meet the requirements on Form 115A.

The requirement to have the Form 115 completed by your Doctor if aged 40+ has now been removed.

Essential forms you MUST fill out and bring with you on the day:

Form 115c – Solo Student Declaration
Form 115d – Solo Student Medical advice form

Available Courses

Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF)

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a training system for those who are really serious about becoming a Skydiver in a short time. AFF is an intensive course, so you will be in a small group or possible on your own with your instructors, ensuring individual attention. The programme is termed ‘Accelerated’ because the learning process is faster than alternative training systems.

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