Experienced Skydivers Welcome To Black Knights

Black Knights Parachute Centre is the longest running parachute centre in the UK and has always welcomed experienced skydivers. Based in the stunning location of Cockerham in North Lancashire the views are vast and include Wales, the Cumbrian Hills and much more.

We operate “Black Hawk” our upgraded Cessna 208B Caravan aircraft for skydiving operations. N208AJ was the first aircraft of its model to be upgraded within the UK, increasing the standard PT6’s 675Hp to 850Hp. This allows us to climb to altitude in record time, with climb rates between 1500 and 2300 feet per minute depending on loading. This means we can get you up in the air for your skydive in super quick time.

For further info on jump ticket prices and kit hire for experienced skydivers, take a look below…


Jump Cost

Low Ticket – £20
Weekend Altitude – £25
Altitude Ticket with Kit Hire and Packing – £40

Discounted Bulk Tickets

10 x Altitude Tickets – £240
20 x Altitude Tickets – £460
Team Training rates available on request.

Club Membership is £20 per year and must be paid for prior to jumping in cash.

When can I jump?


2022 Opening Dates are as follows:

April – October (6 days per week) Closed Tuesdays.
November – December (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Last jumping day 27th November 2022.

All dates are weather dependent so you can use our forecast tool on our website that’s updated around 6.30pm the day before and will tell you the status of the weather and operations around that.


Monday – Thursday 9am start.
Friday – Sunday (including Bank Holidays) 8am start.

What to bring?

British Skydiving Members

  • BS membership
  • BS Licence
  • Logbook (if you are current that makes things much easier for you and us)
  • BS form 115E (Licensed Parachutist Medical Information and Declaration) or BS Form 115F (Licensed Parachutist Request for Medical advice).
  • Reserve Packing Card, and Record of Inspection if you have your own equipment.

Non BS Members please get in contact to discuss required documentation.

If you are un-current or do not have a licence please call us first to discuss options.


  • Fast Aircraft (Blackhawk converted Grand Caravan C208B)
  • Efficient manifest
  • Train from 15,000ft
  • Large packing & Creeper areas
  • TV Debriefing facilities
  • Onsite cafe (limited opening midweek)
  • Open 6 days a week in the summer
  • There is ample car parking on site plus room to park camper vans or camp.


We have onsite accommodation available for our club members and other experienced skydivers. This consists of shared rooms including single beds, bed sheets and TV’s. The cost is £10 per person per night. For further details or to book, please contact the office.


We have a team of packers based at the DZ permanently, so getting packed and back up in the air quickly is never an issue.

We also have Advanced Packers onsite. If you require a reserve repack, please get in contact with the office to discuss options.


We host numerous skydiving events throughout the year in all disciplines. Check out our Facebook events page to keep up to date!