Static Line Parachuting

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Jump From 3500ft

A traditional method of skydive training, static line parachuting involves jumping out of the aircraft at 3500ft. It is then up to you to land independently!

How It Works

Your parachute is deployed by a ‘static line’ which is attached to the aircraft. As you fall away from the aircraft, the line automatically pulls the parachute out.

No Experience Required

It takes just 6-8 hours of ground training before taking to the skies. Training covers aircraft drills, parachute equipment, controlling and landing your canopy and emergency procedures.

Why Choose Us?

50 Years’ Experience

Our centre has been operating for over 50 years. This makes us the longest running centre in the UK.

Ideally Located

We are based 15 minutes away from Lancaster and Blackpool, with easy access from the M6.

Rise to the Challenge

Take a step into new heights with our static line parachute training.* You can rest assured an exhilarating experience awaits.

*Terms & conditions apply.

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