Tandem Skydiving)

A Tandem Skydive costs £230 (on weekends and bank holidays) and is the best way to experience freefall and get a taste of this adrenaline fuelled extreme sport.

Anyone over the age of 16 can book to take part in this amazing experience and jump with our fully qualified British Parachute Association instructors, reaching speeds of approximately 120mph.

We offer cheaper prices for jumps during the week (£199 Monday to Thursday£210 on Fridays to 11'000ft and £150 on Fridays to 7000ft ) and discounts on groups of 5 or more.

Our Tandem jumps are the highest in the UK, from 15,000ft, when you upgrade from our 11,000ft price. Please see prices for details.

Please note: Weight restrictions are as follows - Females 13st, Males 15st. BMI will be taken into account so please phone if you are over these limits, you may still be able to jump.

You can have your amazing experience captured on video, with one of our specialist camera flyers, who will follow and record your jump from walking to the plane, freefalling and landing before editing it to music, so you can show all your friends and family.

The cost for this is £120 and paid on the day.

Cameras and/or recording equipment are NOT permitted during your skydive apart from instructors and camera flyers.

Customer Notice: From April 2016 two BPA Tandem Student Parachutist medical form 115 A & B have now replaced the previous form 115 BPA medical form. The form 115A is for those Tandem Parachutist who are able to self declare; Form 115B Student Tandem Parachutist Request For Medical Advice is for those Tandem Parachutist who do not meet the requirements on Form 115A. 

The requirement to have the Form 115 completed by your Doctor if aged 40+ has now been removed.

Essential forms you MUST fill out and bring with you on the day:

Form 115A

Form 115B

Is a Tandem Skydive For me?

Is a Tandem Skydive For me?

So, you’re thinking about jumping out of an aeroplane...

So, you’re thinking about jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane, but still not convinced? If you ask anyone, even our experienced skydivers what it is like to skydive, they will normally not have the words to tell you.  Why not come and see what it’s like for yourself?  A tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way to enter the world of freefall.

Tandem skydiving is pretty much open to anyone and everyone, so book now to come and see what it’s all about!

Who Can Go Skydiving?

Safety is our number one priority

Even if you’re feeling brave enough, a tandem skydive may not be for everyone.

There are some restrictions in place, which are ultimately for yours and your instructors safety:

  • The maximum allowable weight for any course is 13 stone for females and 15 stone for males, body mass index will also be taken into account.
  • The minimum age for parachuting is 16, applicants under 18 must have written parental / guardian consent.
  • Although you can self certify your medical form on arrival, if you have a predisposed medical condition, you will need to check with your doctor and bring any relevant paperwork with you.
    Failure to do so may stop you from jumping on the day.
Who Can Go Skydiving?

What do I get?

What do I get?

Convinced yet? You soon will be!

  • Official British Parachute Association Membership, which includes your third party insurance
  • Fully qualified BPA Tandem Instructor
  • Complete safety briefing on what to expect and what we expect from you
  • All equipment required to skydive, including jumpsuit, hat, goggles and gloves.
  • The ride to altitude in our very own Black Hawk Cessna C208 Caravan
  • We only use good quality, top of the range equipment, so you can rest assured you will be in safe hands!

How Can I Remember this Epic Adventure?

Never forget your experience with BKPC

We know how important it is to be able to record and remember life’s adventures, so at Black Knights we offer an exceptional freefall photography package.  From a full set of positively picturesque photo’s from your very own freefall photographer to the up close and personal selfie’s at 15,000ft, we think we have something to suit everyone!  Check out what is available on the Freefall Photography Page.

How Can I Remember this Epic Adventure?

Can I jump for Charity?

Can I jump for Charity?

Raise money for a charity thats close to your heart

Skydiving is a huge decision, so why not combine that with doing something really amazing and raise money for a charity close to your heart?

Here at Black Knights we have a wide range of affiliated charities that we already work with, or if you have a charity that you are already involved in, why not raise awareness and some money for them at the same time.

Skydiving is an exciting and exhilarating way to raise money, and being such a dare devil inspires people to dig a little deeper than if you went for your average run in the park!

Check out our Charity Page here to find out more.

Still Not Sure?

Need some more information on what to expect

Visit our What to Expect Page to give you a little more of an idea about what will happen on the big day!