What to Expect

Everything you need to know before jump day!)

Even we can’t find the words to explain to you the sensational feeling of jumping from a perfectly good aeroplane… but what we can do is try to settle those pre jump nerves by giving you a good idea of what to expect on jump day and how to prepare yourself for the thrill of a lifetime!

How to Find us

First things first... Make sure you know where we are!

Black Knights Parachute Centre is located just 10 minutes off Junction 33 on the M6, making us approximately 1 hour from Manchester, Chester, Warrington, Liverpool & Wigan, and only 15 to 30 minutes from Blackpool, Preston, & Burnley.

If you’re using a Sat Nav, the postcode is LA2 0DY.

How old do i need to be, or am i too old?

Age is just a number…although, we have to start somewhere!

To do a tandem skydive with us, you will need to be at least 16 years old and have your parent or legal guardian’s permission until age 18. There is no upper age limit, but applicants aged 70 and over should request a British Parachute Associate Medical Certificate for completion by their doctor before their skydive.  

How old do i need to be, or am i too old

Is there a weight limit?

Is there a weight limit

With skydiving, weight is essential

Nobody likes to talk about their weight, but with skydiving, it is essential for your and your instructors safety that we have to work within certain parameters.

The maximum allowable weight for any course is 13 stone for females and 15 stone for males, but body mass index will also be taken into account.  We appreciate that some people will fall outside of these limits, but are still fit and active, so if this is the case, please call the office to discuss your individual requirements.

Please don’t be offended if you are weighed on the day.  It is a requirement of all of our jumpers, and you will be asked to step on the scales prior to jumping.

What shall i wear?

We know you want to look good

We know you want to look good, especially if you’re wanting to have your skydive filmed.  But, again, we do have some requirements, that are for your comfort and safety.

Comfortable clothes are a must.  Especially warm clothes if your jumping outside of the summer months.  Trainers are also a must.  Preferably lace up to keep them secure, and definitely no heels, dolly shoes or boots with hooks.

We’ll supply you with a jumpsuit, goggles, gloves and a leather hat for your tandem skydive to protect you and your clothing during your jump.

What shall i wear

Can Frinds & Family Come with me?

Can Friends & Family Come with me

you can bring friends and family along to support you

It’s great if you can bring friends and family along to support you, but please advise them that this is an all day event.

There’s our onsite café… The Knights Table offering a variety of food, snacks and drink at very reasonable prices.  There is also a grassed area and picnic benches in the spectators area, from where you can watch other jumpers whilst you wait for your turn.

Full supervised children are welcome but the airfield is strictly no dogs at any time.

How safe really is it?

Your safety is our number one priority

Like any extreme sport, tandem skydiving does have some risks.

Here at Black Knights, everything is tailored to ensure your safety is our number one priority and that is put above everything else.

We are fully regulated by the British Parachute Association (BPA) and we follow their guidelines. Our Chief Instructor (CI) ensures the BPA guidelines are adhered to at all times.

We use the very best, industry leading parachute technology and have a team of highly trained, professional tandem skydive instructors.

If you would like to read more about safety in skydiving please visit British Parachute Association – How Safe

How safe really is it

What could stop me from jumping on the day?

What could stop me from jumping on the day

Just remember, we want to jump as much as you do

Tandem skydiving is a weather dependent activity.  To ensure your safety we can only jump when the weather conditions permit.  We need a nice clear day with low wind levels and minimum cloud cover.

If it is raining or the wind levels are excessive then operations will be paused until the conditions are safe.

Just remember, we want to jump as much as you do, but ultimately safety is key.

There is an old saying in skydiving… “It is much better to be on the ground, wishing you were up in the sky… than to be up in the sky, wishing you were back on the ground”.

When will I know if the weather is suitable

If you don’t hear from us, then assume all is going ahead as normal.

Our Chief Instructor will assess the weather the day before you jump.  If we really think there is no chance you will get to jump based on the forecast, then we will call you the day before.

If you don’t hear from us, then assume all is going ahead as normal.  Remember, we are on your side!  We want you to jump just as much as you want to jump, but your safety and ultimately your enjoyment is our number one priority.

If the weather isn’t suitable when you arrive, don’t give up hope!  We jump until 8pm at night (or until dark in the winter months) so be prepared to wait!

When will I know if the weather is suitable

What time will I jump?

What time will I jump

We will try to get you jumped as soon as possible

The time we give you with your booking is an arrival time only.

We stress that a tandem skydive is an all day event so please allow up until 8pm for your day.

We will try to get you jumped as soon as possible, and once you have landed and received your DVD if you’ve added this option, you’re then free to leave, or stick around and watch the other skydivers.

Can i jump with my friends?

Sharing your experiences with close ones

We know that you can be nervous, or may have booked with family and friends.

You must advise our reception staff when you are booking in that you wish to jump with your friend or family member, then we will do our best to accommodate this.

Please bear in mind that it is not always possible, due to operational constraints such as weight, camera requirements, or even down to the aircraft refuelling cycle.

Can i jump with my friends

Can i video my own skydive?

Can i video my own skydive

t’s not uncommon for many people to have their own equipment

Today, it’s not uncommon for many people to have their own GoPro type camera.

To wear a camera in free fall you need a minimum of 200 skydives under your belt along with other training and certification from the Chief Instructor.

With tandem skydives, only specifically trained instructors can wear a camera, all of which is governed by the British Parachute Association’s rules.

Check out our Freefall Photography page to book yours now.

Smoking and Alcohol

We appreciate that you may need to calm your nerves before you jump

We do have a designated smoking area on site.  However, once you are kitted up, you are then not permitted to smoke until you have taken off all the kit after landing.

You may also be celebrating, or feel like you need a bit of dutch courage before your skydive.  This is one of the worst things you could do.  Anyone believed to under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to jump.

There is strictly no alcohol allowed on site during operational hours (8am – 8pm).