Skydiving Events at the Centre)

During 2016 we will be holding various events at the centre including 4/3 way competitions and FS coaching. AFF starts on the 1st April .

Jack Felstead is holding a number of bigway events

Also Canopy Formation Nationals to be held on the 5th 6th August. We are also looking for new team members, no experience required. Minimum B licence with 100 jumps. All Coaching will be free. 

Azure Wingsuit school is available for coaching and much more, watch this space. The weekends will hold canopy and safety  training courses as well as various social events.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to try to arrange a particular event for you.

Please note: The centre will operate as normal during all of the events for all Skydivers.

We have created a public Google Calendar that anyone can access and import into your own Google account. You can set reminders and share the calendar.

Please Click Here for the calendar

Upcoming events